Kaila & Luke’s two-day elopement adventure in Queenstown, New Zealand

March 24, 2024

Zara Staples

Wedding Diary Entry

I went on a special two-day journey capturing Kaila & Luke’s elopement in the stunning landscapes of Queenstown, New Zealand. It’s an honor to document their love story against such breathtaking scenery.

Queenstown’s beauty is unmatched with its majestic mountains and peaceful lakes. I absolutely loved my day as a Queenstown elopement photographer and captured every moment of Kaila & Luke’s celebration for two days.

The air was crisp as I met Kaila & Luke for our pre-wedding shoot. Their love was evident from the start – Kaila’s beautiful smile and Luke’s adoring gaze spoke volumes.

Together, we explored Queenstown’s stunning landscapes, from gentle flow of the lake to towering mountains. Each backdrop enhanced their love story.

As the sun set, we captured intimate moments filled with joy. I knew these memories would be cherished forever.

As the sun rose over Queenstown, Kaila & Luke readied themselves for their wedding day with eager anticipation. It promised to be nothing short of magical.

Our day began with a helicopter ride, courtesy of Heliworks Queenstown, offering stunning views of New Zealand’s rugged landscape. Surrounded by such natural beauty, I couldn’t help but feel awe-inspired.

Kaila looked stunning in her dress with handpicked flowers from Wānaka. Beside her stood Luke, his eyes brimming with love as they exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony officiated by Queenstown Celebrant – Erin Hill.

Following the ceremony, we seized the opportunity to capture post-wedding photos amidst Queenstown’s breathtaking scenery. Against the dramatic landscape, Kaila & Luke exuded joy and love, evident in every moment.


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