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June 4, 2024

Zara Staples

Wedding Planning

Congratulations! You’re newly engaged, which means your love story has reached a thrilling new chapter. And as your wedding plans unfold, so do new and incredible opportunities for you to document your special day from a film and photography perspective. Enter the world of Super 8mm wedding photography!

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and the memories you create deserve to be preserved in a way that brings tears to your eyes, joy to your heart, and a smile to your face for years to come.

Super 8 film wedding video is a charming, nostalgic, and utterly romantic way to immortalise your wedding day. So, if you’re seeking a wedding film option that stands out from the crowd, Super 8mm adds a timeless and distinctive touch to your big day that is difficult to beat. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Super 8mm wedding photography, don’t worry! I’m guiding you through the wonderful realm of 8mm film photography and why it just might be the perfect way to memorialise your wedding day!

First, What Is Super 8mm Wedding Videography?

Ah, the magic of Super 8mm wedding videography — a captivating dance between nostalgia and contemporary artistry. So, what exactly is this enchanting medium that’s making a delightful comeback in the world of weddings?

Super 8 wedding videos are a specific type of film photography that traces its roots back to the 1960s. A legendary medium in the world of cinematography, Super 8mm emerged as a revolutionary format in 1965, thanks to Eastman Kodak. 

The simplicity of use, combined with enhanced visual quality, made Super 8mm a beloved film choice for capturing personal and family moments.

Unlike its predecessors, Super 8mm film is a tangible, physical film — a strip of celluloid, as opposed to the digital format prevalent today. This analog charm adds a nostalgic touch to the visual narrative, evoking a sense of authenticity and classic elegance when used on your wedding day.

Notably, Super 8mm film holds 72 frames per foot, allowing for a rich and detailed visual story to unfold. Its introduction marked a pivotal moment in the history of filmmaking, providing individuals with a more accessible means of capturing and reliving cherished moments on the big screen of their lives.

While it may have originated in the ’60s, Super 8mm has gracefully transcended the boundaries of time and is making a triumphant return to the here and now. In fact, it’s not just reserved for stunning wedding films; you’ll find its dreamy, grainy allure in commercials, short films, and artistic projects that crave that distinct vintage flair.  

As I mentioned, this charming format of videography involves capturing moments in time on a film strip, rendering a unique aesthetic that’s both wistful and authentic. Unlike the digital age we find ourselves in today, Super 8mm relies on the physicality of film, adding an extra layer of warmth and character to the visuals that is unmatched. 

Super 8mm is more than just a recording method — it’s a journey back in time, a nod to the classic romance of yesteryear, and a whimsical touch that turns your love story into a cinematic masterpiece.  

Why Choose 8mm Film Photography Over Digital Photography?

Why choose the allure of 8mm film photography over digital photography for your wedding day? Well, the answer lies in the enchanting magic that only Super 8mm can weave.

Imagine the soft hum of the film reel, the gentle clicks of the camera capturing each frame, and the unmistakable warmth that bathes every moment. Super 8mm film wedding photography film isn’t just a recording technique; it truly is an art of storytelling. 

But what is the difference between 8mm film photography and digital? Let’s break it down. 

Digital photography and videography involve capturing images using electronic sensors to record and store visual data in a digital format. It offers instant results, sharp clarity, and the convenience of immediate access to your visuals. 

On the other hand, Super 8mm film photography is an analog format that utilises actual film strips to record moments, providing a unique, grainy, and nostalgic aesthetic. Unlike digital, Super 8mm imparts a classic and timeless feel to photographs and film, with its distinctive warmth and cinematic charm, making it a choice for those seeking a creative and magical touch in their visual storytelling.

Call me biassed, but the look of 8mm film vastly outperforms digital when it comes to achieving that classic, timeless feel. The subtle hues, the soft gradients, and the inherent warmth just breathe life into the film, giving it a gorgeous quality that endures through the ages.

With Film Style Wedding Photography You Get:

A Sense of Nostalgia 

Each frame captured on this timeless medium is imbued with a sense of history, echoing the romance of days gone by. The beautiful soundtrack you choose intertwined with the distinctive grain weaves a tapestry of memories that feel undeniably genuine and authentic. 

Old World Vibes and Timeless Memories All Wrapped Into One

Super 8mm film invites you to relive your wedding day as if you’re stepping back into a real-life memory. Each scene is drenched in warm tones and adorned with the natural grain that defines the classic aesthetic of film. 

The outcome feels both vintage and eternal, giving your wedding memories a touch of timeless elegance that stands apart from the fleeting trends of the digital era.

Is Super 8mm Wedding Photography Right For You? 

Super 8mm wedding photography is somewhat niche, which means it may not be right for every couple. I’ll go into the specific nuances of Super 8 mm film and photography further down, but for now, let’s talk about the couple who would really fall head over heels in love for this type of wedding film and photography experience. 

You will appreciate Super 8mm wedding film if you are seeking a way to immortalise your wedding day memories in a unique, classic, timeless, and beautiful way.

Super 8 film is so much more than a visual narrative of your wedding day journey — it is a tangible moment frozen in time sure to be cherished and enjoyed through generations. For many, Super 8mm photography feels like holding a distinctive memory from their wedding day in their hands. 

So, if you’re a couple drawn to the unique charm of Super 8mm film, then know you are embarking on a distinctive visual journey. You’ll appreciate the unique quality and artistic essence woven into each frame of the video and photography session. 

And for those who may be uncertain or feel a hint of hesitation about entrusting the entirety of your wedding memories to the allure of Super 8mm, the film is then scanned and digitised by a premiere lab in Australia to ensure the highest standards of quality — so I have you covered!

A Few Things To Consider When It Comes To Super 8 Film Photography For A Wedding

The undeniable allure of Super 8mm may be captivating, but it’s certainly not perfect. This type of film photography does come with nuances that couples should be mindful of when choosing this timeless medium. 

The Risks

As you dance into the enchanting world of Super 8mm film on your wedding day, it’s crucial to waltz with awareness. Unlike its modern counterparts, a Super 8mm camera boasts the charm of yesteryear but lacks the safety net of a backup system. 

In the very (very, very) unlikely event of a film or cartridge failure, there exists a low-risk possibility of losing negatives from a portion of your special day. Again, while the likelihood is minimal, this nuance underscores the importance of approaching Super 8mm with this understanding. 

Super 8mm Is A Bit More Costly

It’s important to also shine a light on the cost considerations of choosing Super 8 film on your wedding day. While the cameras themselves are relatively budget-friendly, the true investment lies in the development process. 

Brace yourself for costs that can sometimes exceed $250 for every glorious three minutes captured on film. Yes, this does tip the scales a bit when compared to the more economical nature of digital photography. However, consider it not just a cost but an investment in the art of preserving moments in a truly unique way. 

The breathtaking and unparalleled documentation of your wedding day that Super 8mm film delivers is worth every penny.

This Type Of Film Does Not Record Audio 

In the enchanting world of Super 8 film, the whispers of moments are beautifully captured, but it’s essential to note that these cameras don’t dance with audio. Designed to capture the essence of ‘moving pictures,’ Super 8 elegantly weaves a visual tale of your most cherished memories that will later be put to a soundtrack of your choosing. 

With that said, I can include some audio highlights into your video to compliment the visuals should you choose, which adds a uniquely sentimental effect to the film.  

Be Aware Of The Limited Light Sensitivity Of The Film Stock

If you plan on having an evening wedding, this is something you’ll want to consider when considering Super 8mm wedding photography. Why? Because this charming medium thrives under the open sky during daylight hours or within very well-lit interiors after the sun goes down. 

In other words, Super 8mm film isn’t equipped to capture the highest quality of images in settings that lean towards the dimmer side. If your love story unfolds in the embrace of a nighttime ceremony or a room with muted lighting, you might consider extra lighting which could be arranged by myself or beforehand with a lighting company.

How It Works: Take A Peek Behind The Curtain Of Super 8mm Film

So, now that we know all the quirks, nuances, and amazing qualities of Super 8mm film, it’s time to unravel the magic behind incorporating film wedding photography into your wedding day. 

When you choose me as your destination wedding photographer, you’re getting a seamless collaboration between your unforgettable memories, my lens, and the magic of Super 8mm film should you choose to utilise it. You also get the artistic touch of my partner, Jared, who also meticulously edits film wedding photography in Auckland specifically. 

As I’m immersed in photographing the intricate details and joyous celebrations of your wedding moments, Jared steps into the role of our Super 8mm storyteller. With his keen eye as both a skilled photographer and videographer, Jared delicately captures the most important elements of your day on this timeless medium, ensuring every frame is a piece of visual art.

Once the Super 8 film has carefully documented your wedding day journey, we entrust it to a reputable lab in Australia, renowned for its commitment to the highest quality of service. There, each frame undergoes a meticulous 4k scanning process, transforming your memories into a visual masterpiece that stands the test of time.

Now, here’s the exciting part — the original film, overflowing with the magic of your wedding day in full colour, life, and emotion, makes its journey back to us. It’s not just a roll of film; it’s a treasure trove of memories waiting to be explored. 

Display it as a stunning piece of art on your walls or keep it as a tangible keepsake to watch over and over again — the choice is yours. From the initial click of the shutter to the final frame, this is the journey of Super 8mm film. 

Document Your Story In Super 8mm Photography and Film 

Are you ready to turn your wedding day into a timeless masterpiece with the enchantment of wedding film photography? As a Super 8 wedding videographer, I’m excited to help.

Let’s embark on this exciting journey together! Whether you envision your love story captured in nostalgic frames or dream of a cinematic mosaic, Super 8mm film is sure to add that extra wistful touch of magic. 

Reach out and let’s turn your unique wedding journey into an unforgettable visual masterpiece! 

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