London Styled Elopement

July 9, 2024

Zara Staples


I ran around the streets of De Beauvoir London with fellow kiwi couple Bexy & Zac, who are currently living over this side of the world. They so kindly obliged to my creative endeavours, playing dress up as bride & groom, and they make a dang good wedding couple, don’t ya think!

I wanted to show, through these images, that you don’t need tonnes of elements and tricky timelines to create a meaningful day. We simply gathered some outfits, with the help of The Briderie supplying the white dress and veil Bexy wears at the start of the shoot, walked to the deli to get some flowers and finished the day (shoot) with some good ole’ pizza.

I used two 35mm cameras, one 6×7 medium format camera and my digital camera to take these photos. And I’ve collated a bunch below, showing film first and digital second to give you an visual idea of how film and digital could look together on your wedding day.

Dresses: The Briderie.

Veil: Eden B Studio, The Briderie.

Couple: The ever talented Bexy & Zac. You can listen to Bexy’s music here, and check out Zac’s work here.

I can’t wait to hear your ideas for your own day soon! To reach out you can fill out my contact form here.

Digital photos (in reverse order)

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