Hi friends!

what being a photographer means to me

When I'm taking photos, I forget any personal or current world woes, all I think and feel is in that moment and what I want to create. Thats why I love what I do.
Photography isn’t just about the epic photos I get to take. It’s the people I get to meet and the ability to live vicariously through their joyful connections and welcoming families.

Born and raised in Gisborne, now based in Auckland and overseas, I'm a film loving photographer and creative planner, you could say I’m obsessed with the little details. It’s these small bits and little elements that come together to make your day amazing!
An animal lover and landscape wanderer. I love a good podcast, a DIY video or some old school Hip Hop R&B type beat. When I’m not taking photos you’ll catch me chasing a sunset or picturesque scene and hanging out with my pug Archie and partner Jared, catching a flight or going to a live concert. 

I love catching raw authentic emotion and keeping my images timeless so they will be loved for centuries to come. It's pretty cool I can make a moment last forever.

Bringing a fresh take on your old school love, I’ll be your hype gal on the biggest day of your lives!

While I'm based in Auckland NZ, I head overseas most winters (Late May to Oct/Nov) to continue capturing the love! This means I can offer lower international travel rates if I'm already near your destination. I'm usually in the UK where my Visa is, or the USA where my partner works throughout the year.

Let me do all the memory- capturin’ work while you do you.

for alternative hearts.

why film?

Film has been around as long as we can remember, it’s likely what you see on your parents or grandparents walls. Its the chemicals that has that timeless intentional feel.

Its not there to capture every millisecond like most are used to with our phones and digital cameras. Its to capture a real moment in time, genuine emotions and the photos you hang on your walls.

Film photography is a medium that requires patience, skill and creativity. Unlike digital photography, which allows us to take endless photos in a matter of seconds, film photography requires a certain level of intentionality. Each shot must be carefully composed and exposed, as there are only a limited number of frames on a roll of film.

But with this intentionality comes a certain magic that cannot be replicated with digital photography. The imperfections and nuances of film create a depth and richness that can't be achieved with a simple click of a button. And the process of developing film, from loading the roll to seeing the final print, is a rewarding and satisfying experience.

While digital photography has its benefits, there is something special about film photography that keeps it alive and well in the age of smartphones. It's a medium that allows us to slow down and appreciate the art of photography, and to capture moments in a way that will stand the test of time.

the right people will see you.
the right people will hear you.
the right people will get you.
the right people will do right by you.

- nakeia homer

Just like you, your story is one of a kind. Let’s celebrate your perfectly imperfect adventure.



Just like you, your story is one of a kind. Let’s celebrate your perfectly imperfect adventure.