Wedding Film Photography: Why You Should Consider It

January 30, 2024

Zara Staples

Wedding Planning

Your wedding is going to be one of the most spectacular days of your entire life, so why not memorialise it in an incredibly unique way? Yes, I’m talking about wedding film photography!

If you’re on the hunt for something truly extraordinary to make your wedding day even more magical, l have you covered. 

As a wedding photographer in Auckland, NZ, and worldwide, I’ve always been passionate about transcending the ordinary when it comes to photography. So join me as we take a step back in time when things were slower, simpler, and as a result, more beautiful. 

What Is Wedding Film Photography?

Film photography involves using a traditional film camera and light-sensitive film to capture images. The process includes exposing the film to light, developing it, and then producing prints or digital scans. 

It’s characterised by a unique aesthetic with soft grain, dreamy tones, and a timeless quality. In contrast, digital photography relies on electronic sensors to capture images, offering immediacy and convenience. 

While digital provides precision and instant results, film photography adds a nostalgic, artistic touch, creating images with a distinct character and depth that resonate differently with viewers.

This is what makes wedding film photography so special. After all, we know that photography in general is about capturing moments. Film photography takes this even further by crafting a romantic visual narrative that resonates with the magic of your love story.

Imagine your wedding memories wrapped in the soft embrace of film grain, each frame adorned with dreamy tones that transport you back in time and to the most cherished moments of your special day every time you revisit the images. 

Film wedding photography is more than just a medium; it’s a vintage twist to a modern moment. 

With 35mm and medium format film, your wedding album becomes a masterpiece and feels intimately nostalgic in a way no digital photo ever could. 

The inherent quality of film photography adds an indescribable touch, turning every image into a work of art. It’s not just about the pixels; it’s about the soul, the depth, and the sentimentality that film brings to the table.

Is Film Photography Better Than Digital For Weddings?

If you work with me, you don’t have to choose between film photography or digital. I am proud to offer both options for your wedding day.

That said, I’m partial to film photography for weddings.

Sure, digital is snappy and convenient, but film? Traditional film photography has soul. Think about flipping through your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding albums. There’s something undeniably special about those timeless photographs that transport you back to an era of elegance and simplicity. 

In a nutshell, film photography offers a timeless and nostalgic aesthetic, capturing the essence of weddings with soft grain and wistful tones. It imparts a unique character and depth that digital may struggle to replicate. 

The deliberate and careful process of shooting on film adds a sense of artistry and intentionality to each frame, resulting in images that feel more like carefully crafted masterpieces than mere photographs. 

In a world where everything moves at warp speed, film photography slows things down, allowing you to savour every moment and create images that are as meaningful as they are beautiful.

Here’s a few comparison images showing digital, 35mm and medium format (120) film:

Vintage wedding mini dress, bow & Veil: Gown & Altar

Film Style Wedding Photography Is About Quality Over Quantity 

If you’re truly thinking about incorporating film photography into your wedding day, remember that film photography is not so much about quantity as it is about quality. 

Unlike digital photography, where you might end up drowning in a sea of thousands of shots, film is a deliberate, thoughtful process that focuses on the story behind every photo so not a single moment is wasted. 

Film is slower and more meaningful with one roll of 35mm supplying 36 images. 120 film can have between 8-16 shots depending on the sensor size. For any medium format images on your day, I use a 6×7 Medium Format Mamiya 7ii which offers 10 beautiful shots per roll of film.

In the case of film photography for your wedding, less is more – especially when you have an experienced wedding photographer who knows how to ensure that each image is carefully captured.

How To Best Incorporate Film Style Wedding Photography Into Your Wedding

To seamlessly incorporate film-style wedding photography into your special day, look for a photographer who specialises in this unique style. If you work with me, I offer film packages on top of traditional photography packages, or I can create a custom package if you want only film photography during your day.

When it comes to capturing the magic using film photography, I suggest opting for moments that evoke timeless romance, embracing the candid and authentic. Seek out natural lighting at your venue, as film thrives in these settings, and natural light helps to highlight the more dreamy tones and soft grain. Then, when using flash on the other hand, this brings a whole new feeling, and can be used in so many ways to bring an image or moment to life. I often suggest a quick portrait session once its dark to get some fun party vibe images.

You also may want to consider adding vintage elements to your décor or attire, enhancing the overall aesthetic. Trust your photographer’s expertise in capturing spontaneous moments, allowing the film to work its magic in preserving the genuine emotions of your celebration. 

The result will be a wedding album that not only documents but also narrates the poetic beauty of your day through the lens of film.

Super 8 Film and Film Photography: The Perfect Pairing  

Want to take your wedding photos up yet another notch? Combine film photography with Super 8 film! It’s like weaving a nostalgic tapestry that ties your memories together in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing and downright nostalgic. 

The flicker and hum of a Super 8 film add a touch of vintage charm, creating an unforgettable atmosphere that transports you straight into a romance from the golden age of cinema.

Why combine Super 8 film with your film photography on your wedding day? Because perfection lies in the imperfections! There’s an undeniable warmth to the nostalgic flicker of these vintage mediums, transforming your wedding day into a cinematic masterpiece that blends perfectly with your more nostalgic photographs.

So, why settle for the ordinary when you can infuse your big day with a touch of old-school glamour using a film wedding photographer to give you the best wedding film photography in Auckland?

Ready to Make Magic?

If you’re ready to chat about how we can incorporate film into your wedding photography experience and create timeless, unique memories, feel free to reach out. I’m excited to work with you to create timeless moments that last a lifetime. 

Together, we’ll make sure your wedding day is captured in a way that ensures every moment is a timeless masterpiece. 

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