9 Reasons To Have A Small Intimate Wedding 

February 9, 2024

Zara Staples

Wedding Planning

Congratulations on your recent engagement! Planning a wedding is so exciting, but just because they call it your ‘big day’ doesn’t mean it has to be as big as you think. In fact, many couples are finding plenty of solid reasons to have a small intimate wedding, and as a wedding photographer in Auckland, NZ, and worldwide, you already know I have some thoughts on this! 

My hot take? There are so many reasons to say YES to a smaller, more intimate wedding. 

If you’re dreaming of a wedding that’s uniquely yours, filled with love, laughter, and a touch of creativity, then a small intimate wedding might just be your perfect match. From choosing the perfect flowers to deciding on the dreamiest location, every detail becomes a delightful part of your wedding adventure.

So, what is the point of an intimate wedding? Here are my top 9 reasons you should embrace the charm of a small wedding. 

Queenstown Elopement

1. Choose From Countless Quaint Venues 

Let’s start by talking about venue options when planning a micro wedding in Auckland. We already know Auckland is an incredible place to tie the knot, but it’s even more magical when you’re looking to keep things intimate. 

One of the many benefits of a small wedding is the freedom to choose from a myriad of small intimate wedding venues in Auckland. Choose from beautiful options like the historic Couldrey House (max 50 guests, Pax Dining Remuera, or Mataia Homestead (max 15 guests).

Smaller venues like these offer couples a wealth of benefits for their special day, including picturesque backdrops for a more personal and romantic celebration. These intimate venues not only provide a beautiful ambiance but also work closely with you and your guests to make sure every small detail is captured.

Mataia Homestead Wedding, Captured on film

2. No Venue? No Problem! 

And while we’re on the subject of venues — let’s talk about more untraditional options. With a smaller guest list, you’re not as limited to traditional spaces. You can dance under the stars, exchange vows with the ocean as your witness, or embrace the earthy vibes of a rustic haven. The world is your oyster, and the choices are as endless as your love.

So why not forgo a venue altogether? Whether you say “I do” in a hidden gem on Waiheke Island, outdoors in the breathtaking scenery of Piha, or even amongst the rustic beauty of Bethells, your options are endless. 

You can even complete the experience with delicious dining in the heart of the city. Choose from plenty of low-key eateries, style it up at a fancier restaurant, or keep it especially intimate and opt for a glamorous picnic outside!

And just because you choose not to wed in a traditional venue doesn’t mean you skip the wedding experience. Imagine getting ready for the special day at Hotel Britomart, having your wedding ceremony at a park like Albert Park or the Botanical Gardens, then circling back to the hotel for dinner and enjoying an intimate and romantic night just you and your new spouse. 

Sounds like bliss to me!

3. More Time with Loved Ones on The Big Day

Why do people want a small wedding? Smaller weddings provide a golden opportunity to spend quality time with your nearest and dearest. In the intimate setting of a smaller celebration, couples can immerse themselves in sharing meaningful moments with their closest family and friends. 

From heartfelt conversations to shared laughter, every interaction becomes more significant and memorable. With intimate weddings, the focus tends to be on quality over quantity, ensuring that every cherished moment is savoured and captured. This emphasis on meaningful connections adds a special touch to a smaller celebration that’s hard to capture with larger events. 

4. Why Have A Small Wedding? Spend On What Truly Matters 

Smaller doesn’t just mean more intimate; it means focusing on what’s important to you! Opting for an intimate celebration allows you to allocate your resources wisely, giving you the chance to splurge on the details that matter most to you since you’re not catering to 100+ guests — including decor, food, attire, and stunning film and photography packages.

5. Smaller Weddings Are More Environmentally Friendly

Smaller weddings in Auckland not only offer an intimate and personalised experience but also align with eco-conscious values, making them a wonderful choice for couples aiming to reduce their environmental footprint. 

With a smaller guest list, there’s a decrease in resource consumption and waste generation, contributing to a more sustainable celebration. Opting for venues with sustainable practices adds an eco-friendly touch to the wedding, allowing couples to celebrate their love in harmony with the environment. 

For intimate eco lodges surrounded by the beauty of nature, check out The Headwaters in Glenorchy and Warblers Retreat in Auckland.

6. Intimate Weddings Provide Complete Creative Freedom

Smaller weddings in Auckland also open up a realm of creative freedom for couples who value individuality. With a more intimate guest list, you can truly express your unique style and preferences, from unconventional decor to personalised ceremonies. 

Many creative couples love that smaller weddings allow them to break away from traditional norms and craft a celebration that reflects their personalities. 

This way, couples can still share the joy with loved ones in a more intimate setting, ensuring that everyone feels included while the main event remains a canvas for creative expression and personalisation that is yours and yours alone. 

7. Plus, You’ll Get Much More Intimate Photos 

Call me biassed, but another reason I love smaller weddings is because they create the perfect environment for capturing truly intimate and special moments through film and photography. 

With a more focused guest list, there’s an inherent closeness and authenticity in every photograph, highlighting the genuine connections between the couple and their loved ones. The intimacy of a smaller wedding also allows for more time during the photo session, especially if it’s just the two of you with no one watching! 

8. When All Is Said and Done, You Can Always Have a Larger Celebration Later

Opting for a small wedding in Auckland doesn’t seal the deal on a grand celebration down the road. Remember you can always choose a more intimate ceremony initially that aligns with your current budget or preferences, and still keep the door open for a larger celebration in the future! 

Kick that FOMO to the curb and remember you can have the best of both worlds should you someday choose to. 

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Are You Ready to Say Yes to A Small Wedding In Auckland? 

Are you ready to embark on a more intimate journey of love? Let’s make it extraordinary! If you’re looking for wedding photography in Auckland, I’m here to capture every magical moment. 

If you’re a creative couple seeking a wedding that reflects your unique style, get in touch with me to chat about booking your personalised wedding film photography package. 

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